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Cake Kraftt is an attempt to bake dreams. Birthdays and anniversaries, first promotion or job, be it a date or just a mood...cakes can add that extra smile! For Vrinda Goel it all started a year back with the decision based on her passion for baking and the demand of friends who tasted Vrinda’s creations. “Cake Kraftt stands of crafting cake and I am brought up all my life seeing this. I take it from my mother who is an eminent baker from last two decades. Have seen her creating the best...cakes in town and still spilling magic each day”, she says. Specialized in designer cakes Vrinda wish to develop as many flavors and give the best and most creative menu she can. While talking about what her clients love, Vrinda Goel says, “All our products are created with utmost passion and care customized to suit the client’s taste!! Red velvet cake and different puddings find an instant liking with my clients. They love it”

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